Things I’ve heard…

  • I hate you for what you’ve done
  • You love me because I deal with your mental health, it’s what you percieve as love
  • I felt nothing
  • Why would you want to have children with her, if they’ll end up fucked up too
  • I might have asked her out if I never met you
  • It’s 99% your fault
  • I won’t talk to you until you start to improve
  • I wasn’t using your mental health as a weapon exactly, I was using it as an excuse to give me more time.. I didn’t know how to end it
  • I still have to hold things back, you can’t handle them
  • Just do it
  • Be happy
  • Get over it
  • You’ve ruined sex
  • Fuck you
  • You’re an asshole and you’re wrong
  • I don’t want you to end up like me
  • You’re chubby
  • Why would he stay with you if you’re not doing anything with life
  • I hate you
  • This is your fault
  • Your jealousy will ruin this relationship
  • It’s already in your head
  • You need to see a doctor right away
  • You have unbalanced chemicals
  • I think you have a disorder… Maybe bipolar or personality disorder
  • Do you feel bad about what you did to her
  • I don’t think you feel empathy
  • You’re irrational, jealous, imagining things, controlling
  • I don’t blame you for having depression and anxiety, but…

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