Support: Why it means everything

Being in a relationship with someone who struggles with their mental health, be it depression or multiple personality disorder, is never easy.
It can be difficult to understand the other person. How their brain functions compared to yours.
And if you find yourself in that kind of relationship, it is okay to be afraid. It is understandable if you aren’t sure how to proceed or care for your partner.
It is alright.
And it’s alright if you decide that isn’t what you want.
If you believe taking care of your partner when their sadness doesn’t make any sense to you or physically driving them to their appointments is something you are prepared to do, then that is alright too.
Either way, you should try to educate yourself.
Listen to your partner when they explain how they are feeling, even if they say “I feel nothing.”
Listen, watch, and learn.
And if you decide to stick with your partner, go all the way.
Learn their signs/symptoms of a panic attack. Hold their hands down if they try to scratch themselves. Listen to them when they make a joke about disappearing, even if they have a smile on their face.
Take them seriously.
Try to understand, although they go weeks without a breakdown, inside they are fighting everyday.
Be their everything.
And hopefully, they will be yours too.

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