“Take it from someone who didn’t believe she was worthy of the kind of love people envied or read books about; and no matter how badly I wished for it, I convinced myself that maybe it wasn’t enough. I’m here to tell you that you deserve the love that’s a safe haven on your darkest nights; the kind of love that chooses you each and every time – from the moment you get up to the moment you lay your head down; the kind of romance that makes you forget the rain ruined your adventures; the love that feels like a warm cup of tea or soup on a winter day. You deserve the kind of love that lets you feel, feel so much that you can’t help but be yourself.”

-Ming D. Liu

Quote: Tumblr- mingdliu

It feels so wrong to be alive. To still be here after all the times I thought I wouldn’t make it. After all the plans, the urges and attempts and the complete and utter desperation that repeatedly engulfs me.
I can’t make sense of the fact that I am still alive 11.04.19

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