We carry a lot on our shoulders

My counselor showed me something that I feel everyone should see. Okay, yeah, the animation is pretty silly, but it’s the content that matters.

I’ll break the video down for you (In case you don’t want to watch it).

Passengers on a bus metaphor represents all the insecurities and values we carry with us everyday. You are the bus driver. You are in charge of where life goes and the choices you make. The passengers that travel with you are what influence those choices.
In the video, the bus driver keeps passing the street he really wants to turn on. There’s a passenger who feels it would be too much work. There’s another who continues to put the driver down, scaring him away from making that turn.
The bus driver tries to compromise with the passengers. Even tries getting them to disembark. Eventually though, the bus driver realizes those pesky passengers just aren’t leaving. So, he continues with them.
Now, it’s not that he is ignoring what the passengers are saying. He still has to listen to all their complaints and comments about his choices, but he also knows they are a part of his journey.

That’s the lesson. Accepting each and every part of yourself, annoying or downright nasty. Accepting they are there to stay and committing to moving forward anyways.

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