The King & The Queen

Anxiety takes your fears and plasters them on every billboard you pass while driving.

It stands on the corner of the street, twirling a sign with your latest embarrassment.

And it infiltrates your social media presence, appearing as ads for strangers to click on.

Anxiety makes you think the worst when someone doesn’t pick up the phone or respond to a message.

It sits, quite comfortably, in the throne you’ve made it in the back of your mind.

Photo by Shirly Niv Marton on Unsplash

Depression accepts those fears.

It joins the sign twirler, advertising for a $5 car wash.

And it causes the twitch in your hand, the one that clicks on everyone else’s achievements.

Depression holds you tightly, drawing you further away from saying what you feel before it’s too late.

It dances, quite desperately, through the Great hall in your castle-like mind.

Anxiety and Depression reign over your kingdom.