June Favorites

So, so sorry this is late! June flew by way too fast, not to mention I was traveling during the end of the month. But fear not, I still have some favorites to share.


As always, we start off with the best part of any day. Listening to your favorite song.
Since I was road tripping, I made sure I had playlists to get me through the long drives. I have a mix of my favorite pop artists, but a good portion of the music was actually the Greys Anatomy soundtrack.

Here’s one of my favorite Greys songs:

Facebook Page

Bliss Warrior Charms is a great page! Not only are they a shop for charms & jewelry, they also share inspiring posts. I always feel a little more relaxed after seeing one of their posts.
Check them out here! And if you’re interested in their products, check here!


I didn’t lie when I said I would have photos of my cats! And boy, did I catch some really cute ones (I’m such a biased cat mom!).

Because I was traveling, I had my cats in their carriers. I have hardtop ones, that are quite bulky but sturdy. I prefer to use them when going long distances. I know my cats are safe in them.

Something I Learned

Now, I didn’t learn this just now, but it was reinforced recently. Cherish your parents. They are your biggest supporters (at least in my case). I know my mom and dad love me & my siblings beyond anything, and they have done so much for us through our lives. Sure, I might not agree with them or even fight with them, but I know at the end of the day they have my back. And I love them for it.
Shout out to my mother who helped me drive to and from Iowa! You are the best! ❤


So, I actually got this product a few months ago, but I thought I would give it a little shout out. If you’re a person who’s on a budget, but would love to blast your music in your room, this is for you: ONN Mini Bluetooth Speaker. I got mine at Walmart for $10. It’s nothing fancy to be honest, but it does the job. It comes with a little strap so you can hang it from hooks or in your bathroom if you’re like me (I love to sing in the shower!). It doesn’t get as loud as other speakers and I can only carry it a room away before it becomes staticky. I personally like it’s small size and price. You can find it here.

*Always thoroughly research products to make sure they’re the best fit for you*

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