Woah, did September fly by or what?! At least it did for me. I guess I’ve been busy with work and life in general things were flowing smoothly. I’ll get right to it!


I went on a family trip to Alaska this past month and while I listened to a mixture of music, I really enjoyed Avi Kaplan’s songs. They fit the beautiful Alaskan atmosphere perfectly. One of my favorite songs of his is Aberdeen. Check it out here! *Side note: you may recognize him as the original base from Pentatonix.*


Please check out Anxiety and Depression Awareness’s Facebook page. They share great articles that are educating and helpful. They also share truthful/inspirational posts on mental health. Click here!


I thought I’d share a cute/funny video of my cats hating their sled dog shirts I got them from Alaska :3 *I had to make it into a gif for it to upload, so I apologize for the quality*


This is similar to a previous month, but cherish the time you have with your family. Being cramped in a car with six people for hours on end may seem like a nightmare to some (trust me, it wasn’t always fun), but my time in Alaska with my family is something I’ll hold in my heart forever. I don’t get to my older brothers very often and I loved seeing how happy my parents were seeing all their children together.


I have no shame in stating that I love pumpkin flavored everything. I am beyond happy that pumpkin spice lattes are back in season.
I recently tried the frozen cinnamon pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It honestly is a Godsend when I’m feeling drained at work.
Check out their drinks and treats here!

*Always thoroughly research products to make sure they’re the best fit for you*