Being without you is so painful, it’s numbing. I want to rip the flesh from my bones. Make music with my heart strings. Scream into the air until dust fills my longs. I’d rather feel anything to fill the crater you dug from my soul.

The wind is howling outside. There’s a storm coming, but I’m afraid it’s not outside. I long for you and your strength. I long for your touch. I’d rather feel your fingertips brush against my skin than feel the harsh slap of cold air. If only you were here. We could be lying together while the world whirls around us.

Life is short.

It’s unpredictable.

And it should be lived.

Why let confusion cloud your mind and fear hold you back?

Take those scary leaps. Fall hard. Land with an open mind.

Live and love.

Oh, love to the fullest.