What happens when you’re afraid to fall asleep?

First it was due to a jumbled mind banging pots & pans so you couldn’t fall asleep. Which gradually turned into slamming of doors suddenly waking you up.

And then sleep became home to monsters and dark shadows lurking by the end of your bed.

Eventually sleep became a casket, suffocating and restrictive, holding you so tight all but air escaped past your lips.

What do you do when you can’t decifer what is real and what is fake?

What do you do when you feel attacked and scared shitless, but your body refuses to move?

What happens when all you can do is hyperventilate, your mind screaming for help, but more importantly, oxygen.

What can you do if you’re all alone? When there isn’t someone to pull you away from the monsters. When someone can’t tuck you in next to them and hold you until your breathing calms. When no one can shake you awake, dragging air back into your lungs so you don’t pass out and succomb to the darkness you so fear.

What happens?